Vision, Mission and Quality Policy

Vision :

We dream to excel globally in the field of Commerce Education. Realizing the spirit of globalization, we stand to impart knowledge and skills in Commerce without compromising the value system of the Society. We look at ourselves as catalyst in identifying and channelizing the youth power to develop them as entrepreneurs and business managers.

Mission :

To achieve quality and excellence by developing the overall personality of the students through curricular, co-curricular & extra-curricular programmes in order to make them competent and socially responsible citizens of the modern world.

Quality Policy :

We at Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi College of Commerce are committed to impart quality education in commerce at UG level to fulfill the needs and expectations of the students, parents, business community and Society at large. This is done through the total commitment of the faculty, students and the staff in the interactive process of the teaching and learning.

Quality Objectives :

The generic quality objectives are defined below. The quantitative /qualitative goals at the functional / department / activity level are set on periodic basis (annually) separately on a document – quality goals.

  • College expects 50% to 60% result at level for every year & 85 to 95% at Junior Science level and 80% at junior commerce level.
  • To ensure about 30-40 % of student participation in various extra-curricular activities for every year.
  • Arranging at least 3-4 guest lecturers/seminars by experts in one complete academic year.
  • Participation in training programme/seminar/workshop of minimum 6 hours duration in every year. Participation about 20 % of non-teaching staff for upgrading their skills.